Short Stories by Stacy Dawn

"Stacy Dawn's writing can only be described as snappy and fun."
~Roni Adams, Author 


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My first love has always been short stories...


"A quick read, it is a powerful a story as some longer ones.
~Happily Every After Reviews

"Extremely enjoyable and truly heartfelt."
~Long and Short of It Reviews


"Step back in time with Stacy Dawn and relive the days of disco, mirrored balls,
Afros, and cheese weasels."
~Long and Short of It Reviews

"A charming and witty story..."
~Penny Ann Craig, author

"I was enraptured by Stacy Dawn's tale of eternal love."
~ Tonya May, reader

"Standoff at the Waterin' Horse Saloon is laugh-out-loud funny
and perfectly romantic."
~Fallen Angel Reviews

"Stacy Dawn had me laughing and completely drawn into
Cheatin' Hearts at the first page."
~Fallen Angel Reviews

"The twist at the end really caught me by surprise!"
~T. Sue VerSteeg, author

"Stacy Dawn's contemporary voice is full of wonderful
humor and thoroughly entertaining."
~ Peggy Ann Craig, author