Stacy Dawn...

I live in Canada in a century home in continuous need of repair and filled to the brim with way too much testosterone (even the dog is male). My sports-aholic husband is happily sharing his addiction with our children who are already proving to have more of an obsession than their mentor. Is it any wonder I write romance? It's the only place to keep my feminine side happy. 

The Writer

My mother feared I would never marry. She claimed I was far too picky where men were concerned. How could I not be? I believed in fate, in true love, in soul mates. My parents' beautiful relationship was proof they existed, and I wasn’t about to settle for anything less. I knew he was out there; I just had to be patient. Turned out I had to be very patient.

I found out that dreams don’t always come quickly, but they do come true. My stories reflect the same persistence and need to believe. My heroines may not always have an easy time of it but, in the end, they always get their man...just like I did.

The Artist

I was more the pink sheep in the family and among my friends--the only one with aspirations of creativity, always writing, painting, doodling.  But life has a way of taking you down different paths for different reasons--kids, bills, obligations.  Yet, when I look back, all those paths held a creative nook somewhere, even if I didn't realize it at the time.  And all of those winding roads brought me to the here and now, to a time when I can give a little more focus to artistic pursuits that make my soul sigh colourful breaths of creative freedom.

The Editor

Twenty years in the publishing industry as an author of over twenty published works and freelance editor, I have the experience to assist both published and unpublished authors on many different projects and in any stage of the writing process. Think of me as an unbiased, second set of eyes—a coach if you will—one that will encourage you, help fine tune your work, maybe teach you something new or help find a deeper part of yourself, cheer you on, and assist in any way I can. I enjoy guiding authors toward their goals, watching an idea blossom into a full fledged manuscript and a good story grow into a great story.  

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